layla luna shwing hert

Being that music is the universal language and dance is one of the first forms of communication, I wanted to create a dance studio for everyone to be able to come to feel liberated and free. It’s good for the soul.

After 14 years of having a dance company, traveling the world, and teaching at The Edge Performing Arts Center for 7 years, I dreamed of creating a home base.  So after having 2 children, Layla Dance Academy was finally born.

Through my career, I have had the privilege of getting to work with the best choreographers, dancers, and master teachers in the industry. They are true artists in their own right who all share the same passion and love for dance as I do.  It is something very special to be able to share your knowledge with others.

I believe that when you have become a professional is it important to always give back. Teaching is the greatest gift one can give.  I have hand selected some of the best talent in Los Angeles to represent my vision.