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Layla and The Lotus Dancers

Layla is a Los Angeles native of Middle Eastern descent who comes from a long legacy of dancers. She is a Russian-trained gymnast, and former ballerina, though her true passion has always been belly dancing. For the past twenty years, she focused her career on developing the art and skills of this ancient dance.

Layla studied classical and Egyptian-style belly dancing under the world’s premier belly dance instructor, Raqia Hassan. She began working as a soloist when she returned to Los Angeles, where she performed for a variety of audiences in concerts, music videos, and private parties for numerous celebrities, as well as members of the Saudi Royal Family. Her Long list of celebrity clients includes the Kardashians, Paulina Rubio, George Clooney, and MTV. Her TV appearances and DVD (12 Hottest Bellydance Moves) has reached millions of viewers.

Layla created her own dance company, the Lotus Dancers, 14 years ago. They won Best Troupe Cabaret in 2008 at Ya Halla Y’All, Belly Dancers of the Universe Troupe Champions in 2012, and Troupe Champions at Mediterranean Delight in Greece in 2014. They are best known for their international dance shows that feature a fusion of dances from around the world. The Lotus Dancers have been the opening acts in Las Vegas for Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, and Shareen to name a few. They are one of the top professional dance companies in Los Angeles that perform weekly, and have traveled the world performing in countries including Dubai, Paris, and Egypt.

Layla started Layla Dance Academy to expand the art of dancing in her local community. Layla Dance Academy offers a wide range of classes catering to all ages, toddlers to adults.

The Layla Dance Academy is also the first ever studio with classes specifically for children with Special Needs. The Dance From Your Heart program is designed to ensure that children with Special Needs can learn the way they can understand and enjoy the art of dancing, while being in a positive and encouraging environment.

Layla and The Lotus Dancers are excited to share their passion and talent of dance with the rest of this world.

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